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Water Shoes

Splashing through puddles, creek crossing, and getting your toes wet are all part of the joy of hiking in varied terrain. But there's little worse than squelching along a trail with pools of water in your shoes. Athletes foot isn't so much fun either, and it won't do the lifespan of your hiking boots any favours.

That's why, when it comes to water sports and wet hikes, we recommend treating your feet to a pair of lightweight and breathable water shoes. Not only will the best hiking water shoes allow the water to return to the rivers where it belongs, they also provide the traction you need for tricky surfaces.

If you’ve been hiking or backpacking for a long time, you no doubt know that stream crossings used to be time intensive. In the early days of recreational hiking, crossing a stream involved removing your boots and socks before each crossing only to have to stop on the other side to dry your feet before putting your boots back on and continuing down the trail.

The advent of water shoes and sandals have made these hurdles easier to cross. Water shoes provide more protection than sandals and water drains easily and efficiently while the fabric dries quickly.

A secure fit prevents your foot from sliding around inside the shoe like a bar of soap. What's more, a breathable water shoe allows air flow and your feet to breath, reducing that horrible bad-cheese smell.

Many water shoes look like regular sports sneakers or sandals, making them just as suitable for adventures in the outdoors as they are for everyday use.

Water shoes protect your feet from glass, rocks, and weaverfish when running on the beach.

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